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The Platters & Boards’ Influencer Grazing Box #Gifted

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Please note, we have had a high number of requests and will reply as soon as we can

Platters & Boards continues to collaborate with all industries. We believe a Grazing Table and Box is for all target audiences, so have launched our Platters & Boards’ Influencer Grazing Box to reach all markets.

There will also be the opportunity to automatically be added to our invite list for future social events. There is no distinctive profile to who can collaborate but there are a few requirements below.


• Must have at least 8,000 followers on the platform you will promote on (must be public).

• Profile should be active with at least 1 post every week.

• Followers must be engaging with content.

• Live within 20 miles of Milton Keynes (If further, please continue with the application as you might still be approved!)

What's included?

Please email over answering the following and we will get back to you if your profile is approved for the collaboration.

• Full Name / Address / Contact Number

• Social Media Account Platform and to confirm the number of followers.

• Why do you want to collaborate with Platters & Boards?

• Will you be ok for Platters & Boards to dedicate a Blog Page on you and your profile?

• How did you find out about us?

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