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Sweet Tables

Platters & Boards provides sweet-only table setups using any preferred style and theme to create a beautifully presented layout. 

Please note, our Peak Booking Days are Friday -Sunday and we can only accept bookings starting at £500. 

Pricing starts from £8pp

Choose Your Theme/Style

We have a variety of props and supplies to give your dessert table the aesthetic you want. From our classic Platters & Boards, rustic brown wooden supplies, to our Premium Platters, white food display boxes with trays and florals to match. 

Premium Platters - First Communion.jpeg
Corporate Sweet Table1.jpeg

Choose Your Food Selection

We have an extensive list of Sweet Foods to choose from including; Waffles, Pancakes, Pastries, Cakes, Muffins, Macaroons, Cookies and so much more. 

Please let us know if you have any specific requirements. Upon enquiring, we will send a breakdown of what is already offered.

Customise Your Sweet Treats

For specifically Cupcakes and also, for other Foods, we can customise them to your liking. This includes name personalisation or matching a theme your Event may already have. 

Please let us know if this is of interest.


Please note: added pricing will vary from each request. 

First Communion - Cup Cakes_edited.jpg
Premium Platters - Brunch Table.jpeg

Now Leave The Rest To Us

Once we have finalized the details, we begin planning the table design and layout. 

We use the information that has been given, to present the table in the best, most accommodating way possible. 

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